根据投票的结果,排在前70名的最优美的英语单词为: 1. mother 母亲 2. passion 激情 3. smile 微笑 4. love 爱 5. eternity 永恒 6. fantastic 奇异的 7. destiny 命运 8. freedom 自由 9. liberty 自主 10. tranquillity 安宁 11. peace 和平 ...

God works. 上帝的安排。 Not so bad. 不错。 No way! 不可能! Don't flatter me. 过奖了。 Hope so. 希望如此。 Go down to business. 言归正传。 I'm not going. 我不去了。 Does it serve your purpose? 对你有用吗? I don't care. 我不在...

所有的: all; every; any; be-all; [法] possessive

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In...... opposite side/across 在……对面 她站在对面的房间里,但我立刻就认出了她。 She was standing across the room but I recognized her right away. 我不在对面的楼里。 I am not in the opposite building. 他望着坐在对面的姑妈,她笔...

表示总结的词组主要有常用的一些,如: Finally, In conclusion, To conclude, In the end, Lastly, From the information above,we can conclude that...

“代表”的英文词组 on behalf of He attended this meeting on behalf of me. 他代表我出席了此次会议。

①be resemble to ②be similar to ③appear to 4.be something like 5.seem to (do), 6.feel like doing

I am an English phrase. 我是英文词组

成功的英文词组 make it succeed in be successful

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