应急处理 immediate treatent; emergent response; emergent treatment; urgent and temporary counter-measures

妥善处理 [词典] cope with; [例句]问题比较复杂,需要妥善处理。 The problem is rather complicated and needs careful and skilful handling.

pretreatment 英 ['pri:'tri:tmənt] 美 [prɪ'trɪtmənt] n. 预处理 adj. 预处理期间的 pretreat 英 ['pri:'tri:t] 美 [pri:'tri:t] vt. 预先处理,预处理

(1) [handle;deal with;dispose of;manage;tackle]∶处置;安排;料理 处理日常事物 处理财产 (2) [sell at reduced prices]∶变价、减价出售 处理积压商品 处理品 (3) [treat by a special process;treatment]∶用特定方法加工 热处理 冷处理 为便于...

顿挫 pause and transition in rhythm or melody;abortion;ectrosis更多释义>> [网络短语] 顿挫 Frustrated;jerking;abortion 顿挫疗法 jugulation;ectrosis;abortive treatment 顿挫抑扬 cadence of speech

翻译如下 处理流程 treatment flowsheet或process flow 例句; 详细阐述了数据采集系统的功能组成及基本处理流程。 The function and basic process flow of data acquisition system aredescribed.

Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.

理应 [词典] should; behoove; ought to; ought to have; should have; [例句]人民教师理应受到尊敬。 The people's teachers ought to be respected.

灵活 [词典] flexible; agile; nimble; agility; elastic; [例句]他死记硬背的学习方法使他在工作中不能灵活处理问题。 His poor method of learning by rote made him unable to deal with the problems in his work flexibly.

应试 [词典] take [sit for] an examination; test-oriented [例句] Chinese students have grown accustomed to test-orientededucation after thousands of examinations. 在经历了成千上万场考试后,中国学生已经习惯了应试教育。

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