应急处理 immediate treatent; emergent response; emergent treatment; urgent and temporary counter-measures

理应 [词典] should; behoove; ought to; ought to have; should have; [例句]人民教师理应受到尊敬。 The people's teachers ought to be respected.

妥善处理 [词典] cope with; [例句]问题比较复杂,需要妥善处理。 The problem is rather complicated and needs careful and skilful handling.

突发事件应急处理小组 Emergency treatment group. Emergency treatment group

Special Emergency Handling Unit SEHU

翻译如下 处理流程 treatment flowsheet或process flow 例句; 详细阐述了数据采集系统的功能组成及基本处理流程。 The function and basic process flow of data acquisition system aredescribed.

(The zombies to mutate and emergency treatment group .) (对变异者以及丧尸应急处理小组.)希望能帮到你。。

办公场所_有道词典 办公场所 office space更多释义>> [网络短语] 办公场所 Office;Work place;premises 在办公场所 Unit EightAt the Workplace 高绩效办公场所 High Performance Workplace 详细用法>>

The objective of activity is to further improve the whole school teachers and students emergency evacuation ability, the self protection ability consciousness.

人们现在越来越离不开手机,很多人都不愿意把手机放在这里充电,毕竟这只是短暂应急充电 People have developed ever-growing reliance on mobile phones and many of them are reluctant to put their phones here for charging, which is merely...

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