应急处理 immediate treatent; emergent response; emergent treatment; urgent and temporary counter-measures

理应 [词典] should; behoove; ought to; ought to have; should have; [例句]人民教师理应受到尊敬。 The people's teachers ought to be respected.

妥善处理 [词典] cope with; [例句]问题比较复杂,需要妥善处理。 The problem is rather complicated and needs careful and skilful handling.

翻译如下 处理流程 treatment flowsheet或process flow 例句; 详细阐述了数据采集系统的功能组成及基本处理流程。 The function and basic process flow of data acquisition system aredescribed.

and dancing, so do the women also take part in the drinking of wine—made by themselves from millet—and in the smoking of tobacc

你好·! 更换的英文词有一些,举二例如下。 change, replace,

补偿 [词典] compensate; make up; make up for; make it up to sb.; equalize; [例句]失去健康是无法补偿的。 Nothing can compensate for the loss of one's health.

你好! 杂乱 clutter 英[ˈklʌtə(r)] 美[ˈklʌtɚ] n. 杂乱; 混乱; 喧嚣; vt. 使凌乱; 乱糟糟地堆满; vi. 乱哄哄地跑; 发出吵闹声; [例句]Empty soft-drink cans clutter the desks 空饮料罐胡乱地堆在桌上。

避难处 refuge;nook更多释义>> [网络短语] 避难处 refuge;a place of refuge;safe haven 防空避难处 Air-raid Shelter 登山避难处 Mountain Refuge

嗜睡的 somnolent;lethargic;drowsiness

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