emergency response plan scenario

应急预案 contingency plan

Emergency plan ; Contingency plan; Disaster protocols

应急处理 immediate treatent; emergent response; emergent treatment; urgent and temporary counter-measures

国家网络安全事件应急预案 翻译成英文是:The emergency plan of national network security incident. 相关短语: emergency plan 应急计划;应急方案;应急预案 双语例句: Equipment failure: unexpected equipment failures refer to "Equip...

中文:完善的应急反应预案与通道。 英文:Emergency response plan and perfect channel.


请看《中国日报》的报道: The State Council issued a new contingency plan for environmental emergencies — caused by natural events or human activity that endangers the environment or human health — on Feb 3 to reduce damage to l...

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紧急情况处理预案 disaster control

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