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有一首歌,开头是dance i want to 接着是很有节奏...

歌手:living colour 专辑:vivid (V. Reid) Baby you stole my heart I don't know what to do Got one problem on my mind Do you feel the way I do? I want to know Give me a sign girl Living Colour Open your heart and tell me that yo...

你听一下是不是turn down for what? 如果不是的话,我也挺推荐你这首的,节奏感很强的也是。还有 yeah 这首,你肯定很耳熟!

是不是 SHINee 的 Ring Ding Dong -.-,虽然没有dance dance

i m just happy to dance with you 打印此页 歌手:beatles 专辑:a hard day s night (Lennon/McCartney) Before this dance is through I think I'll love you too I'm so happy when you dance with me I don't want to kiss or hold your ha...

Drake- One Dance

Ke$ha - Blow http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Pe4fqUDMq2M/

Shakira(夏奇拉) -loca

歌曲:《Happy》 歌手:Pharrell Williams(法瑞尔·威廉姆斯) 歌曲歌词: 英文 It might seem crazy what I'm about to say Sunshine she's here, you can take away I'm a hot air balloon, I could go to space With the air, like I don't c...

best-bad girl 不知道是不是这个呢?很快节奏的韩文歌,是两个韩国男人唱的,如果不是也很好听的了,值得收藏哦~~ 望采纳!!

我也在找这个歌,找不到名字啊,第一句式let me see you down,开始是很强烈的鼓点

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