one direction 的what makes you beautiful You don't know Oh oh You don't know you're beautiful Oh oh That's what makes you beautiful

Before I Let You Go 播放 歌手:Colbie Caillat 语言:英语 所属专辑:All of You 发行时间

你问的是这首吗? Journey - Don't Stop Believin'

Eminem--soldier I'm a soldier Verse 1 Yo... Never was a thug, just infatuated with guns, Never was a gangsta, till I graduated to one And got the rep of a villain, for weapon concealin' Took the image of a thug, kept shit appea...

应该是这个Faded You were the shadow to my light 你是我生命光亮中的一道暗影 Did you feel us 你能感受彼此的存在吗? Another start 下一个开始 You fade away 你的身影渐渐模糊 Afraid our aim is out of sight 害怕我们的目标逝于视野之外...

不知道你说的是不是《Nothing's gonna change my love for you》,其中有句歌词是“I don’t want to live without you”,翻译过来也是你说的这句。唱过这首歌的人挺多的,George Benson、Westlife、方大同等都唱过。

stitches !原唱shawn mendes 哈哈我超喜欢这首歌 if i quit calling you my lover ,move on ~~ 我喜欢sam tsui翻唱的 说实话比原唱好听 当然个人感觉

是promise don't come easy 诺言来的不容易 I should have known all along there was something wrong I just never read between the lines Then I woke up one day and found you on your way Leaving nothing but my heart behind What can ...

歌曲名称:You Raise Me Up

远处闪耀着光辉的地平线 是因为你藏在某处 点点灯火让人怀念 是因为你在其中 来,出发吧.把面包片 小刀和手提灯塞进书包里 还有爸爸留下的热情 妈妈眼中的深情 世界不停转动 你藏在其中 闪烁的瞳孔 闪烁的灯火 世界不停转动 伴随着你 伴着我们 直...

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