give you ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~希望对你所帮助,望采纳~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

你最好给句子啊!!! 同学! 直接给的话 是 Give sb. sth. 或者give sth . to sb. 但是如果是“送给”你东西 就是something for you 了!

Send me a red pack. 释义: 翻译是在准确、通顺的基础上,把一种语言信息转变成另一种语言信息的行为。翻译是将一种相对陌生的表达方式,转换成相对熟悉的表达方式的过程。其内容有语言、文字、图形、符号的翻译。其中,"翻"是指对交谈的语言转...

please give myself a chance! 或者give a chance to ourselves(给我们自己一个机会) 或者 give an oppotunity to myself 或者 give myself(我自己)/ourselves(我们自己) an oppotunity!

给我掌声 Give me applause 我一在强调做人要低调。可你们非要给我掌声和尖叫。 I had been trying to be quiet brilliant, but you people always give me applauses andscreams. 2 你曾说过最开心就是在舞台上听到观众给我的掌声,因为只要听...

给予 [词典] [书] give; render; rendition; detur; administer; [例句]我们不想卖,但如果你出价合理,我们将给予考虑。 We have no wish to sell, but if you make a fair offer, it shall have attention.

要说 Say cheese 奶酪,(中文:茄子) 说这个单词就会嘴角上翘看起来像微笑。 Every body please pay attention ,let us take a phone! Look in this direction 指着某个方向说 或者 look at me ,look here 拿相机的人说 no winking ,1、2...

请给我 Please give me 英 [ɡiv] 美 [ɡɪv] vt.& vi. 给予; 赠送; 作出; vt. 供给; 产生; 举办; (为购买某物或做某事而)支付; vi. (物体)塌下; 让步; n. 伸展性,弹性;

Dear Mom: Hello! I have always wanted to write such a letter to you, from small to large, that is your greatest concern to me. All the time for your sake, and I was still a child, do not know any better. Allows you to speak too...

要看语境了,如果说它会带给你幸运,It will bring you good luck/bring good luck to you 如果是祝福人家的,Good luck to you 或 Wish you good luck.

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