i want to review earnestly because the final exam is just around corner.

快考试了,我决定好好复习。 可翻译为: The exam is coming. I decide to revise for it.

我要好好复习这个学期所学习的知识。 I must review attentively and comprehensively the knonledge learnt in this term. I must go over thoroughly the knowledge learnt in this term.

We should not only study specialized courses well but also revise English well. We should work hard not only to study specialized courses but also to revise English. 望采纳。

你好。但是最近要高考了我必须要好好复习 翻译成英语是:But recently to the college entrance examination, I must have a good review. ——————希望帮到你,满意请采纳。

初中三年时光好快啊,转眼间我们就都要各奔东西了。 The junior middle school three years time so fast, blink of an eye, we would all have to go their separate ways. 望采纳,谢谢

原文: 今年秋天,我知道的一个很有意思的新闻,是我在报纸上看到的。是关于旅游费打折的消息,我非常高兴因为去云南也打折。我打电话咨询了一下,我们一家三口都报了这个旅游团。我们来到云南省大理市,这里有很多少数民族的居民,以白族的居民...

On learning that we should have better habits and methods, we need prepared for class and after-school review. 回答对您有帮助的话 希望您采纳噢 谢谢呢

we must make full preparation for the final English examination.we must prepare well for the final English examination .


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