i want to review earnestly because the final exam is just around corner.

The final examination is coming soon. It is time for the final examination

Because of the coming final exam, everybody is busy preparing for it. 1。because of + N, v-ing 不能跟句子) 2。“忙于” be busy doing sth.. 3. “准备” prepare for 4。为避免前后主语一致,“考试”用“IT”代替

because I did quite a good job in this final exam

We must well prepare for the final English exam next week. 或: We must have a good preparation for the final English exam next week.

As the final exam is near, the students often review until midnight.

你好! 如果你不努力学习,你就很可能通不过期末考试 If you don't work hard, you probably won't pass the final exam

你好,have great pressure。great修饰了pressure,说明压力之大。这句话的同义句是:Is the final examination next week, so now i was under great pressure.希望可以帮到你哦

The students are trying their best to get ready for the final exams.

I will tell you the time and some suggestions about your school's English final exam,

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