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期末考试就要来了 用英语怎么说

复习考试:study for a test;revise for my test;revise for the test 例句: 1. She was doing some last-minute revision for her exams. 她在为考试进行最后的复习。 2. It's time to start swotting up for the exam. 现在该开始好好复习...

The term examination is around the corner. The term examination is coming.

翻译建议 1、“其次” 可以选用 besides, next, second(ly) 等; 2、“复习” 翻译时应在后面加宾语 lessons: 3、 “迎接” 可用不定式 to meet,也可用介词短语 for 〔示例见下〕

The final examination is coming soon. It is time for the final examination


快要期末考试了我感到很紧张 I'm nervous about the final exam The final exam is around the corner, I feel so nervous.

The final exam is around the corner, the tense atmosphere in not only unconsciouslyinfected students, looking at the table of the textbook, I think about the upcoming finalexam. For our students, the most important thing is the...

the final exam. “期末考试”的英文 相信我 没chuo 的 采纳叭 谢了

i want to review earnestly because the final exam is just around corner.

I am working hard preparing for the final exam. I am making effort to prepare well for the final exam.

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