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期末考试就要来了 用英语怎么说

The term examination is around the corner. The term examination is coming.

The final exam is coming.期末考试就要来了

The final test is coming. I am worried about it. 或者I'm worried about the coming final test.

Final exams are coming soon. The final exam is coming soon. 满意的话记得给好评哦~

快要期末考试了我感到很紧张 I'm nervous about the final exam The final exam is around the corner, I feel so nervous.

The final exam is around the corner, the tense atmosphere in not only unconsciouslyinfected students, looking at the table of the textbook, I think about the upcoming finalexam. For our students, the most important thing is the...


快要期末考试了,我感到很紧张 I'm very nervous about the final exam

i want to review earnestly because the final exam is just around corner.

You know what? My daughter took the class in Zhaoqing middle school is too difficult for the first time, I can't imagine how did he do that?

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