The final test is coming. I am worried about it. 或者I'm worried about the coming final test.

The term examination is around the corner. The term examination is coming.

The final exam is coming.期末考试就要来了

The mid-term exam 期中考试 The final exam 期末考试

复习考试:study for a test;revise for my test;revise for the test 例句: 1. She was doing some last-minute revision for her exams. 她在为考试进行最后的复习。 2. It's time to start swotting up for the exam. 现在该开始好好复习...

She was so ill that she didn't take the final exam . 祝学习进步!

the final exam. “期末考试”的英文 相信我 没chuo 的 采纳叭 谢了


快要期末考试了,我感到很紧张 I'm very nervous about the final exam

随着期末考试的临近,学生们试图充分利用每一分钟做好准备 用英语表达 翻译如下: With the final exam approaching, the students are trying to make full use of every minute to prepare.

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