The term examination is around the corner. The term examination is coming.

All students have been preparing for the coming final exam these days.

And was worried about the coming final exam. 而且很担心即将到来的期末考试

Final exams are coming soon. The final exam is coming soon. 满意的话记得给好评哦~

期末考试: 英语: Term end exams. Final tests of the term.

Her worry is that the final exam is coming, she was very nervous. Afraid to get good


送往: send to 宁愿也不愿: would rather do sth than do sth prefer to do sth rather than do sth 竭尽全力: spare no effort do one's utmost 期末考试: term examination end-or-term examination final examination

随着期末考试的临近,学生们试图充分利用每一分钟做好准备 用英语表达 翻译如下: With the final exam approaching, the students are trying to make full use of every minute to prepare.

I achieved outstanding results in the final exams after my hard work.

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