你好! 水果是我的最爱。 Fruit is my favorite.

Fruit salad is my favorite.

you are my love forever,或者you forever are I most love ,希望能帮到你,第二个最合你意,这在一部电视剧里面出现过

“我的最爱”的英语:my favorite。 例句: 1、Mmm,pigs in a blanket — one of my favorites! 嗯,毯子里的小猪,我的最爱之一! 2、The foods I used to dread being limited to when imagining aplant-based diet have become myfavorites -- a...

This is my favorite I like this best. 这是我的最爱

I missed you,my love。 I miss you多用于想念,所以用过去式missed来表示miss在这里是错过的意思。 1、嗨,辛迪。我以为我错过你了。 Hans: Hi, Cindy. I thought I'd missed you. 2、我想你,在我错过你之后。 I miss therefore you exist. 3...

English song is my favorite这是最直接的译法 Of all the songs,I love English song the most 这个稍微高级点

My favourite My dearest My best love

The dish that my mother made was my favourate.

英语是我的最爱,能说一口流利的英语一直是我的梦想 English is my favorite, can speak fluent English has always been my dream

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